My best loaf yet …


Here are a couple of pictures of my best sourdough loaf so far. Despite achieving the accolade of ‘Master Baker’ upon the completion of my bread baking course (thanks elf), it has not all been plain sailing. All my attempts have come out incredibly tasty and completely edible but I have struggled a little with getting enough structure in the dough and heat in the cooking process to make it explode into a loaf of dreams.

This loaf rose beautifully and was a triumph. The biggest problem is the oven needs to be super hot and this is hard to achieve with a cooker that mostly resembles a tin box with a few knobs on (snigger snigger). I have learnt that if I think the oven is hot enough and my cooking stone has warmed up enough – it hasn’t.

How did Bob Marley like his cake? – with jammin’, with jammin’, with jammin’

I baked a cake. It was a Victoria sponge and it was delicious. There was some debate between me and the elf about the filling – I wanted butter icing, the elf insisted that a simple layer of jam was delicious. The elf was right.


The cake is named after everyone’s number one queen, who supposedly favoured a slice of the sponge cake with her afternoon tea. Other astounding Victoria sponge facts are –

  • Other names for the Victoria Sponge are Victoria Sandwich and, less commonly, Victorian Cake.
  • Oven manufacturers often use a Victoria sponge recipe to test their ovens.

Maybe one day those facts will win you a pub quiz.